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Service Members
At Fur Babies we honor and support our troops and service members. All military personnel, police, firemen, and service dogs receive 10% OFF on their choice of a "You Wash" or "We Wash".Please call ahead for a "We Wash".
Rescue Foster Parents
All rescue foster parents receive 10% OFF on their choice of a "You Wash" or "We Wash".Please call ahead for a "We Wash".
Recently Adopted
If you recently adopted your fur baby in the last 6 months, bring in the adoption papers (or kennel card) and get your choice of one of the following: A FREE "You Wash" -OR- 10% OFF "We Wash". Please call ahead for a "We Wash".
 The More the Merrier
Bring your friends and reap the benefits. Bring 2 (or more) fur babies and use the same tub to receive 10% OFF. "You Wash" only.
Splash to 100
100 points that is! Earn points to receive a FREE "You Wash". Earn 10 points for every "You Wash" that you do, and 5 points for every person that you refer to us. Make sure to tell your friends to mention your name. Don't worry about a thing, we will keep track of your points on our computer system, so there is no pesky card to keep track of.