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 In 2006 we opened Pampered Paws Boutique, next door to provide pet owners the very best in canine and feline nutrition and accessories. In November of 2012 our family expanded our pet business to include Fur Babies dog wash & grooming as a way to provide dog parents a convenient, safe, and affordable way to bathe their beloved furry companions, as well as the very best in grooming services . 
Why A Self Serve Dog Wash?
Why a self serve dog wash you might ask?  Well, we like our customers, we have a difficult time bathing our own dogs in the bathtub.  It was hard on our back and when we were done, the dog, ourselves, and everything else was soaked. Not to mention the fur was everywhere. There has to be an easier way we thought. The answer is YES! With a self serve dog wash there is no more bending far over into a low sitting bathtub to wash Max, hauling Buddy into the shower, or setting Fifi in the kitchen sink. AND, no more cleaning up the mess of towels and hair afterwards, because we do that for you!  So come and give Fur Babies a try, and give your back and bathroom a relief.