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The "You Wash"
At Fur Babies we strongly believe the animal-human bond is absolutely worth the time and effort required to develop. It is one of the strongest relationships we experience. When you bathe your fur baby, you strengthen that bond, positively benefiting both you and your dog. Regular bathing also helps keep your dog looking good in between regular grooming appointments as well as helping you to notice any health issues. We have state of the art, custom made, elevated tubs that reduce the strain on your back. No more bending over the bathroom tub. Each tub is in its own area complete with an electric force air dryer, Mauro Shampoo Products, and fully stocked towels. The best part... we clean up the mess. 
Walk-in's welcome.
Little Baby (up to 20lbs) --- $12.00
Medium Baby (20lbs-60lbs) --- $16.00
Big Baby (60lbs - 100lbs) --- $20.00
Giant Baby (100lbs & Up) --- $24.00 
The "We Wash"
A full-serve dog wash to keep your fur baby sparkling, and you don't have to do a thing! We will do all the work for you, and of course we will clean up the mess afterwards. We will professionally bathe, dry, and brush-out your fur baby. Please call ahead.
Little Baby (up to 20lbs) --- $22.00
Medium Baby (20lbs-60lbs) --- $32.00
Big Baby (60lbs - 100lbs) --- $42.00
Giant Baby (100lbs - Up) --- $52.00