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Q: What products do you use on my dog?
A: We use the Pure Paws line of products, which is also used on show dogs.  The Pure Paws line of shampoos and conditioners was formulated by breeders, handlers, and groomers using the best ingredients to achieve the best results.  Pure Paws uses all natural ingredients that are pH balanced for your fur baby's skin.  And for those fur babies with sensitive or dry itchy skin we also have Pure Paws' Oatmeal and Aloe shampoo and conditioner.
Q: How long will it take to groom my dog?
A: At Fur Babies we believe that the sooner your fur baby is back at home with you the better, thus we work to schedule dogs in such a way that they are not here all day.  When you bring your fur baby in at his/her scheduled appointment time, we will give you an estimated time of when they should be ready to be picked up and then call you as soon as they are done being groomed.
Q: What type of dryers do you use?
A: The dryers we use are force air dryers that contain no heating element.  With these dryers the coat is not dried through the use of heat, but rather by blowing the water off of the hair follicles.  Prior to blow drying we also towel dry your fur baby as much as possible to help minimize the amount of time spent with the force air dryers.
Q: What is included in a "You Wash"?
A: A "You Wash" is our self serve bath and includes the use of our state of the art, elevated, custom tubs, all the shampoo and conditioner you need, all the towels you need, as well as brushes, combs, rakes, curry brushes, aprons, and our force air dryers.  The best part is, we clean up the mess.
Q: What is included in a "We Wash"?
A: A "We Wash" is our full service bath and includes everything that is available in the "You Wash" with one exception, we do all the work.  We will professionally bathe, dry, and brush-out your fur baby while you run errands.  This service usually takes between 30 - 90 mins depending on size, breed, and condition of coat.
Q: What kind of treats will you offer my dog?
A: We will not offer any treats without your expressed approval, and we will only offer the most all natural, allergen free treats available.
Q: Will you take my dog out for potty breaks?
A:  For your fur baby's protection, we do not take them outside our facility for any reason, including potty breaks.  We ask that you attend to these needs prior to your appointment.  We also schedule appointments in such a way to minimize the need for potty breaks and also to reduce stress on your fur baby.
Q: What happens if my dog is harmed during the grooming process?
A:  We take great care to make sure that your fur baby has both a safe, and enjoyable, time while at our facility.  We will take every precaution possible to avoid injury and/or complications.  However, because we are using sharp and pointy tools on a moving, living, creature there is inherent risk that an injury may occur.  In the event of an injury, we will contact you to let you know. We do have a working relationship with a local vet, in the event that we are unable to reach you or your vet.
Q: Am I able to stay and wait in the shop while my dog is being groomed?
A: As above we take great care to make sure that your fur baby has both a safe, and enjoyable, time while at our facility. Experience has shown that when a fur parent is in the shop their fur baby is keenly aware of their mom/dad's presence.  When this happens the dog usually becomes more agitated because they would much rather be with you than on the grooming table. This increases the risk of potential injury. It is for this reason that we ask that you allow the groomers to groom the dog and when your fur baby is finished being groomed we will call you.